"You may not be able to fix lives, but if you can make someone feel that their life is WORTH fixing... that is something... something wonderful".

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Real lives. Real people. Real personal growth. That’s Heart-Work!

The Heart-Work programme is a 20-week personal growth course. It includes a full day workshop for the families of the participants. The course focuses on emotional and spiritual healing and growth, and also covers aspects of social interaction and functioning.
Heart-Work offers you, your organization and your community the wonderful opportunity to generate and cultivate a new society: a society free from crime, fear and pain; a society that promotes openness, honesty and personal responsibility. The future success of our Rainbow Nation depends on organizations like Heart-Work.  So join your hands with ours to make a difference in fighting crime… one individual at a time!

We believe that we have something that sets us apart: We are great at re-building people’s lives! Heart-Work demonstrates an attitude of love and an atmosphere of harmony, unity and peace. Heart-Work focuses on how important people and relationships are to us and to God.  We become a part of each other the moment we begin the fun-filled, soul-searching and rewarding learning sessions with the inmates of various prisons.

Reducing crime one person at a time

Heart-Work is different. It is supportive, passionate and above all compassionate! People, their lives and their situations are at the true heart of what we do. Heart-Work fights crime by re-building people.  Heart-Work changes the head (mind and thoughts), the heart (feelings and emotions) and the hands (actions) of inmates from negative to positive with the help and guidance of Jesus Christ.  

Statistics have shown that the recidivism rate (how often prisoners who are let out, re-offend and end up back in jail) for South Africa is around 80%. That’s high. It means that the vast majority of prisoners released from prison, end up back in prison. Crime escalates.

Our records (for prisoners who have graduated from the Heart-Work programme) have reflected a recidivism rate of about 5%. That’s low. It means that the vast majority of participants graduating on the Heart-Work programme turn their backs on crime. This is good news for you, for me and for South Africa as a whole.

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